Bit of a King Tubby special in this month's Dubwise Vinyl round up alongside some other interesting bits and bobs I've come across including some more dancefloor focused stuff. If anything catches your eye (or ears) all records are available at the Dubwise Vinyl Shop.

King Tubby - 'Dub From The Roots' / King Tubby - 'The Roots Of Dub'

Navigating King Tubby's back catalogue is a tricky business. Despite there being a vast number of releases bearing his name in reality it seems likely he only actually mixed a relatively small number of these himself from the mid 70's onwards (handing over the reigns of his mixing desk to the likes of Jammy, Scientist, Philip Smart and Pat Kelly) and there are also quite a few releases out there that take Tubby's name yet didn't come from his studio at all (but it was deemed beneficial from a commercial perspective to claim they did). However there is no dispute about the authenticity of these two records which represent Tubby's earliest explorations into the world of the long playing album format. In many respects they are the best place to start if you're venturing into the vast treasure trove of Tubby related dubwise delights, not only from a chronological perspective but also because they are both fantastic dub albums that show the magic created when Tubby's pioneering mixing skills were combined with Bunny Lee's timeless killer rhythms. Amazing to think these are nearly 50 years old now - just listen to the mad intro on 'Invasion' in the first clip for an example of how genuinely groundbreaking and ahead of his time Tubby was.

Augustus Pablo - 'King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown'

Completing my King Tubby mini-trilogy is this record which doesn't really need much of an introduction due to it's already legendary status in being considered not only King Tubby's greatest achievement but also the greatest dub album of all time. It's title track is in my opinion still the benchmark by which all other dub tracks are judged and is yet to be topped. An absolute timeless masterpiece.

Paul Whiteman - 'Say So' / Bongo Pat - 'Young Generation'

It seemed appropriate to include these two 7" gems which provide the vocal counterparts to two of the dubs featured on King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown. Both are perfect examples of Augustus Pablo at the height of his powers in the mid 70s producing absolute top class deep roots music in his own signature style. They also both contain interesting versions on the flips that are different to the dubs that appear on the Rockers Uptown album (including a unique xylophone led instrumental cut on the Bongo Pat 7" which is well worth checking).

Pugilist - 'Static'

Absolutely top class four track EP of dubwise dancefloor destroyers from Pugilist that takes in techno, breakbeat, ambient dub and trip hop. A masterclass in genre hopping without any compromise on quality.

Tappa Zukie - 'Freak'

All time classic reggae disco bomb from Tappa Zukie originally released on Tappa's Stars label in the late 70's. One of the finest examples of the natural synergy that exists between the reggae and disco genres. Nice dubby instrumental version on the flip too.

Elite Beat - 'Selected Rhythms'

Following on from that killer 'Tom's By 2' 12" I've got some copies of Elite Beat's first LP from 2019. An absolutely top notch selection of dubwise psychedelic rhythms ranging from the driving trance inducing cosmic funk of 'Sports Radio' to the deep and dubby 'Budget Dancehall.'

Dip Friso - 'Crocodile or Real?'

Fantastic new record from Glasgow's Murray Collier, a.k.a. Dip Friso, that combines a dubwise aesthetic with the cut and paste approach of experimental hip hop to create a deeply immersive and properly sampledelic journey into the darkest depths of the echo chamber. DJ Shadow meets King Tubby.

Al Wootton - 'Callers Spring'

The welcome latest 12" instalment from Al Wootton on his Trule imprint. Absolute quality as always here from Mr Wootton. Proceedings kick off with the dark and dubwise techno of the title track before heading into the more abstract ambient soundscapes of Grounding which is anchored, as always, by some healthy bass weight. Flip it over and you're treated to UKG influenced Saraph before proceedings are brought to a close by the minimalist bass led stepper Doxa. Quality four tracker.

DJ Die - 'Clear Skyz' (1996 VIP)

Roller alert! Deadly one sided 10" that contains a previously unreleased VIP of DJ Die's seminal Clear Skyz dating back to 1996. A bit rougher, wilder and dubbier than the original but without loosing any of its raw power it's a great alternative take on a classic.

Bunny Scott - 'Kinky Fly'

Fantastic piece of Lee Scratch Perry produced deep soulful reggae-funk that emerged from the Black Ark in the mid 70's featuring Bunny Scott on vocals backed by members of The Chi-Lites and originally appearing on Scott's 1975 album 'To Love Somebody'. One of a kind stuff from Scratch that manages to combine his trademark dubwise psychedelia with classic 70's wah-wah driven funk. First time on a 45 thanks to Freestyle Records.

Gemmy – 'Irreversible Culture'

Ace 12" of deep Bristolian dubstep that's heavy on the dub from Gemmy out on Infernal Sounds. Also includes an amazing dark garage remix on the flip from the legendary RSD, a.k.a. Rob Smith of Smith & Mighty fame. Essential Bristol bass business.

Basic Rhythm - 'Dread / And Soon The Darkness'

White label junglist business 2022 style from Basic Rhythm. Dark, brooding and packed with enough sub bass punch to do some serious structural damage.

All Nation Rockers - 'Once Inna Dubtime'

Great reissue from Partial of All Nation Rockers' classic acid-dub stepper 'Once Inna Dubtime' originally released on Sounds N Pressure in 1995. As well as the original mix you're treated two alternative super deep versions on the flip where the acid and ambient influences are brought even more to the fore. To be filed next to Om Unit's Acid Dub Studies and The Disciples Timbuktu as another fine example of the happy musical marriage that can develop between an acid 303 squiggle and a dub bassline.

Hypho - 'Time Is Now White Vol.10'

Super tough 4 tracker from Hypho on Time Is Now which packs some serious low end bass weight. Proceedings kick off with the immense wub wub sub bass of 'London Tower Blocks '94' which finds the sweet spot between garage and dubstep and is paired with a deadly heads down remix from Interplanetary Criminal. Flip it over for the rave friendly 'None Of Them' with Logan on the mic before proceedings are brought to a close with the no nonsense pummelling bass workout of 'Get Bun.'

King Kong - 'Rastaman Song'

Always excited to get a new release from the mighty Legsman Records and this one's a corker featuring legendary vocalist King Kong riding a digital rhythm that pays tribute to the classic digi sounds coming out of Tubby's and Jammy's in the 80's whilst also giving it that characteristic contemporary Legsman twist. Also has an ace super deep dub on the flip too which is pure dubwise digi heaven.

Subreachers & Msymiakos - 'Fractals'

Fantastic four tracker from Belgian's Subreachers and Norway's Msymiakos on Arttikal Music that beautifully captures the classic dnb sound ranging from the dreamy atmospheric opener 'Estrange' to the tough drum work out of title track 'Fractuals'.

Jah Warrior - 'Dub From The Heart Part 2'

Following on from last year's essential reissue of Jah Warrior's classic Dub From the Heart LP here's Part 2 also courtesy of Partial Records. Originally released in 1998 this one picks up from where Part 1 left off - another unmissable collection of super heavyweight dubs packed to the brim with Jah Warrior's trademark dreader than dread sub bass that joins the dots between steppers and dubstep.