You can’t rush Crystal Dorval, the Vancouver-based musician and multimedia artist better known as White Poppy, and based on the gossamer beauty of her forthcoming new album "Paradise Gardens", you wouldn’t want to, not at all. Dorval started to conceive of "Paradise Gardens" four years ago, after dreaming up the sungazed notion of new age shoegaze bossa nova as a mode of musical expression.

Over seasons spent in a shack on a remote countryside horse farm, Dorval crafted music for the firmament, while navigating a mental slipstream between the concepts of utopian sanctuaries and decaying tropical apartment complexes. In the process, she emerged with ten voice, guitar and keyboard led songs which take the magic of mirages and reflections on the surface of water, and alchemise them into a lived-in, fully realised examination of pain and pleasure, healing and hurt, and all the juxtapositions that naturally follow.

With "Paradise Gardens" due for release on April 24 through the expertly curated Not Not Fun record label, we asked Dorval to contribute to our Gimmie Five series.

A.R.T. Wilson - "House in the Garden"

I am really into this whimsical Reading Rainbow vibe. I find it very visual, like I’m in a pastel paradise troll garden. It's also my favourite album art and a big visual inspiration.

Takashi Kokubo - "Jamaica ~ Waves And Light And Earth"

This is part of an awesome collection of albums of mellow minimal electronic soundscapes that transport you to various inner oases. I like the subtly magical calming yet uplifting feeling they provide as a soundtrack to my day. A staple of mine lately.

Beverly Glenn-Copeland - "Sunset Village"

Love the rhythmic keyboard that starts the song and then the sustained line that comes in, it lulls me to peace. The vocal mantras feel so warm and comforting.

Brian Eno - "Deep Blue Day"

This is one of my favourite songs. I love the angelic reverb swells throughout the song and the slide guitar juxtaposed against an ethereal backdrop. Makes me feel like I'm melting into nothing, flying through the clouds.

Crystal Magic Orchestra - "Magic Dolphin Therapy"

I don’t really know what’s going on here but I like their intentions and aesthetic and find the overall vibe very inspiring. Also one of the members claims to be resurrected from the dead so that's enticing. And their website is my fav.

"Paradise Gardens" is due for release on April 24 through Not Not Fun in vinyl and digital formats. You can pre-order it here.