The No Frills guys behind the stellar 5918mins mix series turn in five quarantunes, with appropriate alcoholic pairings, to make your lockdown pop!

Five 7's to have a quarantine party

*Start* B.R.C. & Defi J - Couleur Noire (Instrumental)

Groove into the evening with this smooth as hell breakbeat-downtempo killer via Belgium.
No idea who these guys are but I sure know it pairs well with a classic Aperitivo - Negroni or Campari Soda, no Bullshit.

*Build-UP* Claudio Bolzonello - Man and Girl

Another Belgian 7 - still plenty out there to be discovered, not really sure what it is with Belgium and private press 7's?

I do know that this pairs well with a stanky white though - natural, skin-contact, make it Pet Nat if you like, all that breeze. Chuck an ice-cube in and drink fast to not dilute the taste. (Obviously, no other reason for downing drinks in Quarantine)

*Ecstasy* Sky Hawk - New Earth

No words for this Hawkshaw back-catalogue beauty. Punch-time baby!

*Climax and Relief* Neuland - 5 vor 12

Peak-time Rave on this weird 7 from Germany dedicated to the first Summer in Berlin after the wall came down - must have been a crazy time! No idea what this release was otherwise intended for or who did it. Shots of Hemingway-Daiquiri, no other option with this.

*Emotional Ending* Casino - Minha Terra Meu Berco

End the night with this Brazilian lazy-emotional stepper via France. Drowzy, drunk and happy. Have a water, mate!