Coral D is one of those artists out there making quietly brilliant music on their own terms. Breaking cover for dope releases on Klasse Wrecks and Born Free before settling into a groove on his own Tears imprint, with every record being very much worthy of your attention. Last year's killer 'Mad Regrets' all-originals mix showcased the depth of excellent material he's sitting on and where his head is at. That being a defiantly analogue blend of dub and house. Where dub techno can be steely and austere, Coral D's work is warmer and more intimate. It feels like you're right up close to those dusty machines. Dubbing directly into your ears.

This new record, 'Dissolve,' is cut from the same cloth. The a-side owes something to Rhythm and Sound but lopes along at about 110bpm on an endlessly evolving psychedelic dub/house loop. We get a rickety piano line and euphoric dazed lead guiding us to a highly satisfying conclusion. One for your headphones that would equally find a home or more open-minded dancefloors, maybe earlier in the evening or on the cusp of dawn.

On the flip is 'DR-55 Dub', which takes it down a notch—riding on a gently clattering rhythm from the eponymous drum machine while twinkly synths bounce around. This is a more balearic mutation of the same gene. Glorious stuff. Grip!

'Dissolve' is out now on Tears