Coral D keeps getting better.

Since kicking off his digital imprint Tears, he has released a steady stream of low-key killers. 'One Day' is the 5th, and for my money, the finest yet. There is no radical departure in sound; it's a further continuation of ongoing explorations into dub/house. Other producers working in the same field often hit something of a dead end. They find themselves too in thrall of the austere grandeur of Rhythm and Sound to truly find their own path. The Tears records might have the same genetic makeup, but the results are warmer and more generous.

A-Side 'One Day' floats along on a dreamy groove. Perfectly unhurried, nothing out of place, and profoundly pleasing to the ear. A description can't really do it justice, but its gentle aquatic dubbing, charming melodies, and warm analogue soundscape add up to a thing of real beauty. It's probably the most balearic of Coral D's tracks to date.

Its companion, 'Here to Go,' is the closest thing to a straight-ahead house track we've seen on Tears. The palette is the same, rich, gentle sounds, artful tape hiss, but it pops along at a languid 116pm. Once again, it's hard to precisely define what makes it so good; burbling synths rise and fall, and a naggingly familiar riff starts halfway through, propelling the track to its conclusion.

Make your ears happy today and download this release. Essential business.

'One Day' is out now on Tears