Alex Ho has stepped into 2022 swinging - there's his grievously delayed but seriously dope LP on Music From Memory, and now this, the second release on his own Zen 2000 imprint. This time super-talented LA resident Damon Eliza Palermo is in the driving seat, ably assisted by Samo DJ on remix duties. This comes on a cute seven-inch with a couple of other cuts available as digital bonuses.

In its original version, 'Promises' comes on like some kind of balearic / UKG hybrid, playing off whistful vocals and dramatic piano against broken beats, a curling acid line, and borderline ominous sub-bass. Palermo has come some way from his work as Magic Touch for 100% Silk, but he's still subverting dance music templates and making music that's big on smudged emotions.

On the other side of the disc, Sweden's Samo DJ gets to work on a digi-dub infused version excursion. His take rattles along on a modulating bassline and some subtle dubbing of the vocal. It can often be tough to discern what separates the excellent from the merely good with dub cuts like this, but Samo's remix has got that touch of magic (sorry) that elevates it. Everything is restrained and controlled but maintains that essential slackness.

On digital is a version of the Samo remix that's too long to be accommodated on a 45, and another track from Damon - 'Bonjuk.' This is a blissed-out, ethereal ride on a 'Justify Your Love' sound-alike rhythm. It glides along, closing out with some seriously emotive, cracked pianos.

'Promises' is released on February 11th on Zen 2000