Be present in the now and embrace the uncertainty. So easy to say but so hard to actually do. Until relatively recently, one of the few places we were forced to pause the doom-scrolling, cede control, and allow our minds the freedom to drift in the moment was when we took a flight. Cruising above the clouds was a chance for us to rise above the endless distracting minutiae of modern life, daydream, get some perspective, allow ideas to emerge from the ether unprompted and unhurried.

Modern aviation, of course, comes with a whole heap of downsides. Unplanned delays, tedious indeterminable queuing, questionable meals, poorly made gin & tonics and fueling the pending environmental armageddon. But fret not, Duncan Thornley as Double Geography (always my favourite subject) has crafted an exquisite audio facsimile of flying, the platonic ideal of air travel.

Across these tracks, Double Geography have embraced uncertainty by 'using semi-generative computer process and random filter interactions' and combined this with a keen ear for the breezily melodic. The results are just beautiful, deep, welcoming and unhurried. There's a pleasant sense of dissociation and discombobulation, like the euphoric daze of mild jetlag. The everyday weirdness of barreling along at 500 miles per hour, seven miles high in a metal tube, putting your faith in unseen hands.

All of this finds the perfect home on Basso's Growing Bin Records, the finest purveyor of amiable esoterica around. So do your baked noggin a favour and treat it to this record.

'Flights' is out now on Growing Bin Records