For Those That Knoe has previously operated in the reissue realm, unearthing deep electronic gems from the shadows and presenting them to their discerning audience. This LP from Vid Vai breaks the mold somewhat but still finds itself completely musically at home within their catalogue. Vid Vai hails from Slovenia and has released a steady stream of classy, understated jams on Slovenian labels such as Tvir and PHI φ, as well as Lisbon's Assemble Music.

This, his first long-player, finds him looking to fluid dynamics for theoretical inspiration as well as the more prosaic musical influences of IDM, ambient, breaks, and the deeper end of the rave pool. Of course, a fair few artists are operating in the same sphere at the moment, but what sets Vid Vai apart is his musical chops. Initially trained in the violin, lute and guitar, this musicality makes 'Laminar Flow' really shine.

This is genuinely exquisitely produced music, restrained and subtle, but with serious heft and a heady emotive vibe. Mind music for the heart and feet; Vid Vai moves smoothly through a range of tempos and emotional headspaces across twelve deft and intelligent tracks. And this is not purely an exercise in nostalgia; as well as nodding its head to the past innovators, 'Laminar Flow' has enough of a modern edge to elevate it way beyond homage. It's pretty difficult to pick favourites on such a uniformly strong LP, but closer 'Tailwind' with its billowing dubbed-out chords, gently bubbling acid line and grooving break is surely a contender. Sounds for when the early hours bleed into the after-hours.

Vital stuff from For Those That Knoe - grip it!

'Laminar Flow' will be released on June 20th on For Those That Knoe