Here are this month's selection of highlights from the Dubwise Vinyl shop.

Om Unit - "Acid Dub Versions"

Om Unit's now classic 'Acid Dub Studies' LP gets reworked by a choice selection of dubwise heroes to produce 7 new versions spread across two pieces of vinyl. Great choice of remixers here all of whom deliver their own unique spins on the acid dub concept resulting in nicely varied selection of tunes united by a shared dedication to innovation, quality and pushing dub in into new unchartered territories.

Earth Leakage Trip - "Psychotronic"

Great to see this one getting a proper reissue thanks to the Blank Mind label and you can find out more about the story behind the record via Piers' excellent recent interview with Neil Sanford. This was the first ever release on the legendary Moving Shadow label 31 years ago and I think it's fair to say is a bit of a landmark record for not only joining the dots between bleep & bass and hardcore but for also taking the rave to a much darker and weirder place and laying the roots for darkside jungle and drum and bass. A totally nuts record that still sounds like it's been beamed in from another dimension.

Nicolini - "Goods" / "Human Experiment"

More magic from the South Of North label out of Amsterdam this time courtesy of Nicolini who treats us to two slices of otherworldly dubwise post-punk-digi-funk perfection delivered on a nice and loud 12".

RAFRAM - "In The Grow"

Five fantastic cuts of warehouse ready rave-dub from RAFRAM (a.k.a. Raf Reza and Ramjac Corporation) created in memory of lost Tottenham venue Grow. I'm particularly loving the spooky acidic charms of the opening 'Rotting Mix' as well as the wonderfully weird and wonky 'Swampy Dub' found on the flip.

House Of Assembly - "Hot Rock"

Another great reissue from Isle Of Jura who unearth House Of Assembly's soulful reggae boogie bomb 'Hot Rock' dating back to 1988. Check the dub on this one - an electro tinged stripped back drum machine and funky bass workout. Ace.

Zulu - "Smart & Loyal"

Really nice four track 10" from Paris based Zulu who takes some of the best ingredients from the past decades of dance music (a pinch of breakbeats here, a dash of electro there...) and combines them with a fresh contemporary twist to create some seriously tasty next level leftfield rave bangers.

Chaos In The CBD ‎- "Brainstorm"

Lovely record from Chaos In The CBD that's home to some seriously deep and dubwise house music. Check out the dub infused opener 'Echolocation' or the appropriately named 'Mind Massage' for a taste of the dubby delights that lie within.

Pretty Sneaky – "Pretty Sneaky (MEA036)"

Another vital addition to the mysterious Pretty Sneaky series of vinyl transmissions with this one released on the Meakusma label being particularly and pleasingly dubwise. As is customary none of the 4 tracks are named but it's tracks 2 and 3 that really leapt out at me as something special, offering complementary yet opposing ying and yang like interpretations of dubwise electronic explorations with track 2's darker post-punk influenced bass driven journey contrasting nicely with the sunny slo-mo ambient dub-house offered by track 3. Both equally compelling in their own unique ways.

Mars89 - "Night Call"

Fantastic four tracker of bass weight bangers from Japan's Mars89 on Sneaker Social Club that occupies the murky waters between dubstep, grime and breaks. Futuristic sound system killers.

Robert Lee - "Come Now Sound Boy (Coco Bryce Remix)"

An inspired 10" from Rhythm Discs that pairs Robert Lee's classic Tempo riding digi-killer 'Come Now Sound Boy' with a new junglist remix on the flip from Coco Bryce. Cross generational and cross continental sound bwoy murderation in full effect.

Tapes Meets Nikolaienko ‎- "Sunda School II"

Always great to hear new music from Tapes and here he teams up with Muscut label boss Nikolaienko to cram four dubby wonky synth wonders onto one tasty little 7" for Estonian label Porridge Bullet.